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AO MUA VIET Trading Production Co., Ltd is a company specializing in planning, designing, advertising, printing gift raincoats. We call “3 in 1” including the services: Consulting design advertising raincoat design, comprehensive technical solution, providing complete materials.

Formation and Development Process:

AO MUA VIET Trading Production Co., Ltd was established in 2010.

Customers highly qualify the product of AO MUA VIET Trading Production Co., Ltd for focusing on details, design, and high quality of each product.

To enhance catering raincoats to customers, in early 2011, AO MUA VIET Trading Production Co., Ltd invested in building a factory with an area of 850m2 with various modern machines and a team of technicians and skilled workers.


  • Constantly investing, learning, and improving skills to create satisfied and quality products to meet customers’
  • Focusing on customers: AO MUA VIET’s vision is “customer satisfaction.” We guarantee high quality, sufficient quantity, and
  • Continuously developing technology, exchanging experience, improving skills: In a competitive market, AO MUA VIET must always be dynamic and creative, and invest in machinery, and improve skills for all officers and employees in the company to survive and

Company’s Certificates:

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